Barge Services


We supply a variety of Barge and Tug Services for Companies who are Owners or are leasing for Cargo transportation

Draught Survey - Barges

Accurately calculated Cargo weights are provided with Draught Surveys by using the Barges Hydrostatic and Ballast tables. Initial and Final Surveys are conducted before and after loading or discharging to/from the Barge promptly and accurately. Our Company is very familiar with the Coastal Barges traversing the West Coast.

On / Off Hire Condition Surveys for Barges

On / Off Hire Inspections before and after the lease of Barges to categorize the condition and or any damages before/after the Lease. These Surveys are made concerning existing or possible claimed damages. Our Reports are detailed with photo arrays and the currant condition of the Barge clearly detailed.

Cleanliness Surveys

Similar to On/Off Hire Inspections to ensure the clean condition of the barge before taking on Cargo.  The focus is the deck and equipment to ensure no cargo is at risk for contamination.

Barge Damage Survey

A detailed report of damage sustained on Barge including documentation regarding how the damage occurred and a detailed Report.

Barge Condition/ Pre-purchase/ Valuation Survey

Greenwich Marine Services Ltd will provide you with a detailed inspection and report for any Barge Pre-purchase / Valuation /Condition Vessel Surveys. After a thorough inspection of the Vessel by a Surveyor, the Client will be provided with a detailed report on the Vessels condition, maintenance standards, records of certificates, documents, Ship history, and equipment. 

Trip and Tow Survey

A Trip and Tow Survey is an inspection to ensure Suitability for a Tug and Barge Tow. “Greenwich Marine Services Ltd.” would inspect the vessels for seaworthiness as well as their condition which would include details on the towing vessel seaworthiness and towing gear. We also review Loading and Lashing plans, Towing Arrangements, Route Details, and a Projected Weather Forecast. We then will make recommendations as to Tow and Weather Restrictions with a Certified Captains Report. 

Bargemaster / Monitoring Services

We presently offer and regularly provide Barge-master services to the Marine Industry during the discharge / loading of Cargo from / to Ships or Barges. Our Barge-masters will be your eyes to safely monitor, load and check tonnages during discharge / loading. During these operations our Barge Masters are on board to ensure that tonnages are met, that the safety of operations is followed and that on completion of loading the Barges are in a seaworthy and well-trimmed condition. 

During the loading, our Barge Masters will regularly check the tonnages by Displacement Survey and if requested, a Certified Draught Survey can be provided on completion of loading. 

Greenwich Marine will ensure that Barges and loading systems are inspected for cleanliness before loading and can provide a sampling of commodities. We are available around the clock to ensure smooth operations and that any potential problems such as adverse weather, cargo contamination, or loss are attended to immediately. 

We're very familiar with barges servicing the West Coast.