Ship Services

Greenwich Marine Services Ltd. offers many Services for the Shipping Industry on the West Coast of British Columbia

Draught Survey - Ships

Accurately calculated Cargo tonnages are provided with Draught Surveys by using the Vessel’s Hydrostatic and Ballast tables. Initial and Final Surveys are conducted before and after loading or discharging from a Ship promptly and accurately. Measurements are taken of non-cargo items including Ballast, Fresh and Potable Water, Heavy Fuel Oil, Marine Diesel, or any other weights which are considered non-cargo to provide you with accurate calculations.

In Stow / Out-turn Condition Surveys

Carefully monitored and documented Cargo Surveys for Ships. Our Surveyors will be your eyes before Cargo is discharged to the Yard or during loading. We can document Stowage Condition, Lashing, and Yard Stowage. 

Ship Hold / Hatch Covers Inspections

Inspections of Cargo Holds and Cargo Hatches are made before loading cargo to ensure suitability. Inspections are made of the compartments to ensure cleanliness and suitability for the carriage of the proposed cargo and to ensure that the Clients’ needs are met. 

On / Off Hire Survey - Holds, Barges, and Containers

On / Off Hire Inspections before and after the lease for Ships Holds, Hatches and/or Containers to categorize the condition and or any damages. These Surveys are made concerning existing or possible claimed damages. 

Bunker Surveys

To ascertain the quantities of fuel oil, remaining onboard a Vessel at the time of her delivery or her return to Owners. This service can also be conducted with an On / Off Hire Survey. 

Damage Survey

A detailed report of damage sustained on a Cargo, Cargo Holds, Vessel, or Shipping Containers including documentation regarding how the damage occurred.

Our surveyors have years of deep sea experience.